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World Famous School Test Preparation And Application

Leading to your goal

Getting into elite schools is a goal of many high school students. How exactly to prepare and become extremely competitive, CCEC will guide you through the application process and make you fully prepared.  In order to successfully apply to top university, CCEC provides a series of services as below:

  1. University and professional introduction

The first step in applying for a university is to identify majors and institutions. In the face of many colleges and universities, students often feel confused. In addition, most of time they are not very familiar with the majors of universities, and they cannot make the right decision. CCEC will provide students with detailed information about each institution, application conditions, time planning, popular majors and college selection strategies.

  1. SAT Training Courses

Many colleges require scores from the SAT test as a part of the admissions process.  Your SAT score is a key component of your college applications. The higher you score on the SA, the more options for attending college will be available to you. High SAT scores strengthen your candidacy and distinguish you as a highly qualified candidate at these prestigious colleges and universities.

Nearly every student feels stressed and anxious when thinking about the SAT exams because the results of these tests can determine a student’s future. CCEC customized SAT training courses create a clear study program for students that reduces stress and helps them achieve the highest score possible. We have classroom-based courses and private tutoring services. Each learning platform will help you to improve your knowledge and exam skills and help you reach your maximum potential on this standardized test.

  1. University Application
  • Choose ideal university and dream major based on individual situation
  • Develop application strategies and guidance for preparation
  • Fill in and organize cumbersome application documents and create application kits
  • Polish personal statement, application essay and prepare for interview
  • Follow up the application process, submit additional files, and obtain OFFER at the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How do I register at CCEC?

    Welcome to CCEC. Students can register at the school at any time during our office hour. A registration form must be completed for all new students who are registering in any our programs.

  • 2 How much do children typically improve?

    How much a child improves depends entirely on the learning objectives and the child’s learning pace. It also depends on how frequently your child attends class.

  • 3 What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    The policy will vary for different programs. Please consult the centre for more detailed information.