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International Programs

Vocational & Technical Education Training Project

An overseas joint study program

The vocational and technical education and training project is an overseas joint study program designed by CCEC with many other colleges in China and Canada. This program provides trainees with relevant English training and learning opportunities for their studies.


After completing a certain degree of domestic courses, students can apply for a professional English training course in Canada.

  1. Domestic stage (professional knowledge learning)

After two years of professional knowledge study in any our partner institutions in china, students can start applying for the English language training courses abroad. The English-training related majors includes: international trade, business management, tourism and hotel management, marketing, accounting, financial management, and human resources management.

  1. Overseas stage (Intensive English course)

After completing the project application and a series of preparations, CCEC will begin to help trainees arrange English training courses. After this phase of comprehensive study, students will be able to greatly improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and practical abilities. The training program will serve the trainees in a diversified manner and provide the most convenient and effective training services. The program is structured to meet specific needs of trainees based on their learning purpose and future employment plans.

It is worth mentioning that we will provide students with pre-training services before leaving the country so that they can better adapt to the life and learning environment abroad. The pre-training content includes: introduction of Canadian culture and customs, living habits, learning methods and campus environment, etc. We will also provide a spoken English course to enable students to communicate in English after a short period of learning. In general, our service is thoughtful and responsible. For those colleges and universities that are interested in participating in this joint learning program, please contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How do I register at CCEC?

    Welcome to CCEC. Students can register at the school at any time during our office hour. A registration form must be completed for all new students who are registering in any our programs.

  • 2 How much do children typically improve?

    How much a child improves depends entirely on the learning objectives and the child’s learning pace. It also depends on how frequently your child attends class.

  • 3 What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    The policy will vary for different programs. Please consult the centre for more detailed information.