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Translation Service

We are committed to providing a high quality translation while guaranteeing the best price

It is known that Canada spends about 5.4% of its GDP on education. The country invests heavily in tertiary education (more than 20 000 USD per student). Under Canada’s public education system,most high school students are enjoying a relaxing and student-friendly learning environment, and, of course, better opportunities of entering a famous university. However, on the journey from high school all the way to the workplace, it is easy to get lost in the ever-changing landscape of education and career. CCEC can help you discover and navigate the right path to your personal fulfillment and goals.

Translation Service

In many cases, you might need a helping hand on language: an in-person talk or an important document. CCEC would like to provide you with Chinese/English translation services, including document translation and interpreter services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How do I register at CCEC?

    Welcome to CCEC. Students can register at the school at any time during our office hour. A registration form must be completed for all new students who are registering in any our programs.

  • 2 How much do children typically improve?

    How much a child improves depends entirely on the learning objectives and the child’s learning pace. It also depends on how frequently your child attends class.

  • 3 What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    The policy will vary for different programs. Please consult the centre for more detailed information.