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Course Description

CCEC offers one-on-one piano lessons to students over 5 years old through adults. The goal of the course is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano but also to instill in the student a genuine love and appreciation for music.We aim to deliver informative and comprehensive piano lessons and to provide students the opportunity to learn with professional instructors in a fun, encouraging, and supportive environment. Our teachers will bring the best of what they have learned through their own training and experience and develop an approach that fits the needs of each individual student so that students can achieve their personal goals and move comfortably at their own pace. We use a variety of teaching methodsand piano learning books. The lesson content includes piano technique, music skills, finger exercises, scales & arpeggios, sight reading, aural training,music theory, repertoire, solfege, etudes and more. We will provide performance opportunities to our studentsand everyoneis encouraged to participate in performance activities, piano recitals andconcerts.


The Royal Conservatory of Music(RCM) is a Canadian music school that offers official and standardized exams for music studies. RCM exam requirements vary depending on the grade you are planning to take. For grades 1-4, a candidate must successfully pass a practical RCM examination. For grades 5 and up, successful completion of both practical and theory RCM exams are required to receive a certificate. Theory examinations will range from basic to intermediate and advanced depending on the student’s level.

Practical Examinations

Practical RCM exam test performance skills: repertoire, studies and technique. Ear training and sight reading requirements are also incorporated to help develop and reinforce solid musicianship skills.

Theory Examinations

Theory RCM exams – designed to complement practical studies – begin at the Grade 5 practical level. Students write them in a formal classroom setting. The Royal Conservatory Examinations theory requirements ensure a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the following subjects:

  • Rudiments
  • Counterpoint
  • Music History
  • Harmony
  • Analysis