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It is known that Canada spends about 5.4% of its GDP on education. The country invests heavily in tertiary education (more than 20 000 USD per student). Under Canada’s public education system, most high school students are enjoying a relaxing and student-friendly learning environment, and, of course, better opportunities of entering a famous university. However, on the journey from high school all the way to the workplace, it is easy to get lost in the ever-changing landscape of education and career. CCEC can help you discover and navigate the right path to your personal fulfillment and goals.

Local School Application

There are many choices of specialized high school in Canada: Arts Focus, IB, AP, Elite Athletes, etc., furthermore, there public schools, private schools, or Catholic schools. How to apply? How to prepare your profile? How to handle the entrance test? Then let CCEC help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1 How do I register at CCEC?

    Welcome to CCEC. Students can register at the school at any time during our office hour. A registration form must be completed for all new students who are registering in any our programs.

  • 2 How much do children typically improve?

    How much a child improves depends entirely on the learning objectives and the child’s learning pace. It also depends on how frequently your child attends class.

  • 3 What is your cancellation and refund policy?

    The policy will vary for different programs. Please consult the centre for more detailed information.