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IELTS Training

Course Description

Small class: 8 students /class

Instructor: Received high scores on all parts of IELTS exams and have rich experience in training

Course includes: 5 listening, 5 speaking, 5 writing, 5 reading

Total courses: 60 hours of classroom study + 30 hours of homework support (2 months)

Course setting: 2 hours /lesson   2 lessons/week (30 minutesbreak in between)

You can choose weekday or weekend classes

Course content


Comprehensively introduce each question type of IELTS listing test and discuss the top ten listening scenarios. Memorize high frequency vocabulary and repeatedly practice the listening skills that have learned in the class. This course will help you understand exactly what the IELTS listening test is and how you can improve your listening skills in a short time!


Systematically explain strategies and tactics for each reading question type and provide hints on how to prepare to achieve the best mark. Learn how to analyze long sentences with complex grammar structure and improve reading speed. Practice tackling the various question types along with teachers and accumulate the test experience with mock tests.


Introduce topics and question types in IELTS Writing Task 1&2. Structure your essay according to band 7+ requirements and manage time constraints calmly and effectively. Write high-quality introductions and conclusions quickly and efficiently; build a high-scoring body paragraph with well-developed ideas and arguments in a coherent and cohesive way, and link ideas with a sense of clear, logical progression. Use a vast array of new vocabulary and grammatical constructions which will improve your score in grammatical range and accuracy. Customize the writing template according to the individual characteristics of the students. Analyze how to think like an IELTS examiner, and apply this thinking in the Writing test.


Introduce how the IELTS speaking test is assessed. Explain the topic of three major parts and 7 major topic types. Give opinions on how to connect your ideas and develop your answers. Improve your grammar and pronunciation to build up your confidence. Learn how to manage your time and deal with difficult questions even if you don’t know what to say!