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Course Description

English is a very challenging subject and most children are struggling with language Learning. However, this is a common problem and many young students need extra help and support with English foundations. CCEC provides English tutoring services to help students succeed in English courses at any level. We know that all of our students are unique. So we always take the needs of the individual student into consideration when we build the program. We can help with homework, catching up or getting ahead! We also offer services in all types of English Language areas including

• Vocabulary and Spelling
• Phonics and Grammar
• Reading Comprehension
• Sentence & Essay Structure
• Poetry and paragraph writing
• Story Development
• Essay Writing
• Reasoning &Critical thinking
• Literature
• Exam Techniques
• And more!

Our English tutors help students leverage the skills they already possess as well as building the new skills, aspire to create and foster a love for reading and writing, complement the student’s particular curriculum and plan for upcoming tests, so that students are well prepared for English throughout the school year.