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Course Description

Dance is an art that can open the world. The dancer’s spiritual mind reflects the values, beliefs, and hopes of society. For children, dancing not only leads them to have a body-building body posture, coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and expressiveness but also enriches and expresses emotions while playing a good role in fitness and health. Dance also plays a subtle role in children’s attitudes, emotions, morality, and other aspects, helping them to build self-confidence in their physical and mental development.

Our dance course consists of basic and advanced courses based on age and students’ skill level. We aim to enhance and broaden students’ understanding of art, deepen their understanding of dance and even national culture. We want to add diversification of art in their future life. Students all have a variety of performance opportunities. Our school regularly holds large-scale cultural performances for the entire society and organizes various performances.

Courses: Basic Training + Advanced Dance Classes(Classed by Age, Level)

Course content:

We begin with the simplest movements and cultivate students’ love of dance in cheerful music. Then, the tutor will intensify the training of students’ basic dance skills, including strength training (body control, bouncing power, etc.), flexibility training (beak, side frog, kick, lower back, etc.) and coordination (coordination of hands, feet, and general muscle groups). Coordinates) and flexibility (ability to quickly change body movement, position, and direction) training.

With the foundation of dance skill, the tutor will train students’ body charm, body style, and various stage performance skills.