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Course Description

Painting is a compulsory course for children that integrate knowledge of psychology, pedagogy, behavioral science, and art. Painting is not a simple hobby. It is the cultivation of children’s individualized thinking ability and creativity through artistic influence.

CCEC art program is scientific, systematic, professional art learning talents program designed for students from 5 years old to teens. Our fine arts curriculum respects the development of children’s individual differences and formulates a sound teaching program based on the psychological characteristics of students of different ages.

The purpose of the courses is to introduce and shape students’ artistic skills and knowledge of a variety of media and materials. In the class, students learn a diverse range of fine arts mediums such as: drawing, acrylic painting, water colour painting, oil pastels, sketch, sculpture, and 3D hand craft. Instructors are always experienced, knowledgeable, responsible and approachable.

We believe that every child is unique and his potential is limitless. We always use the way of love and encouragement to inspire children’s artistic imagination and creativity, so that they can experience the beauty of art in a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere.We will regularly hold various art events such as children’s art festivals, creative painting competitions, and will set up more stages for children to show themselves.

• No prior experience with art is required.
• Materials fees are included in the tuition price

5 Professional Studios For Adults:

  • Quick Sketch studios
  • Oil painting studios
  • Animated illustration studios
  • Sculptured ceramic studios
  • Chinese painting studio